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                     NEW LIFE SEASON

Are you thirsting for the Living Water?  Really?  Do you drink into you, the 

presence of God, Abba, Mother/Spirit, Brother/Son/Savior/Lord? 

The anointing to be God's light in a world drowning in darkness is upon us 

children of God, the Bride of Christ and the newness in the very air has 

gotten stronger and brighter.  Have you noticed?  God, our All-in-All 

Daddy, Spirit-Mommy, Son-Brother-Savior-Lord, rejoices for us and in us -

and through us now in 2014.  What excitement, what challenge, 

what peace.  Are you with me? Good, let's continue.

God purposed for us, planned for us, gave us the gift of new life in Him 

through Jesus Christ, and God enjoys us walking in the ways out of no ways 

He/She/He has already made for us.  Have you been receiving this truth 

daily - as in always?  Are you learning and growing in this season and 

getting ready to step into your calling/purposed by God? 

Jesus PAID the price for us to BE FREE!  Get it?  We are free of even our 

own limited ways of not being.  Our biggest challenge is to let go of our 

thoughts and feelings (as in judgments and wounds) about our life; let go of 

ALL the garbage and yuk - Cast them ALL upon God. 


LOVE for our new life.Choice, Choice, CHOICE always for us.  So Choose 

already - let go and LET GOD!!! 

Are you ready to really accept that you chose life?  Not just say it and 

occasionally speak it or feel it! Are you ready to BE alive in New Life in 

Christ NOW? 

There is no life without God or outside of God and His Grace and Mercy.  Any

life is in God.  Now you can choose to have life new every day - dynamic 

and awesome - learning and growing - or you can choose to have no life, 

and simply exist in death, separate from God.  Your choice. 

This is a new season so why not make a new choice?  Choose Life, Choose 

to be, Choose to grow and learn always and forever 24/7/365 in God!

Slow Down and Listen

Your body and soul are speaking to you always, in many ways, at 

all times during the day and 24/7.  Are you listening?  It is important 

to balance your life, through being attentive to the parts that make 

up who you are.  It's more than reacting to the 'symtoms' but 

listening to all of who you are.  You are a spiritual being, who has a 

living soul, living in a human body. 

Balance is key to your life.  Balancing your spirit/soul/body is a skill 

that is developed over time and through challenges- great and small.  

As you desire and focus in on God rather than your limited self or 

circumstances, you begin to balance your life, through the working of 

the Holy Spirit in your spirit - and this balance as the Spirit flows 

through your spirit, is your connection to the Universe/God right to 

your soul and your body.

Yes I know you may be wondering a little -Let me remind you that 







                                        In you   ALWAYS and FOREVER!!

The process of balancing can be painful at times depending on how 

tightly we hold onto our 'own' ways.  If you let go of 'your 

understanding and control' of things in your life, and seek God's way 

for you in this life - seek balance for you.  When you do this, you will 

begin to grow spiritually, and soulically by leaps and bounds - as in 

becoming who you are to be in God.  This is a simple shift or you - 

especially since we live

                                and move

                                                    and have our being in Him.  In truth, we are children of God. 

So slow down, and listen. . .