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Happiness is a choice --

I learned this while going through a 'toughie'. 

 Don't waste time being a glum   bum

-- step out of the 'glums'  

Step into  the Happiness Spin! 

 It's time, isn't it?

Choose to Be Happy!  

 Choose to NOT worry!  

Choose to be, what? 


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Carrier or Tosser? Both?

Do you find yourself carrying junk in your life?  Stop for a moment, be still, and ask: "Am I carrying junk?" Now listen for the answer.  Are you waking up to how much you do carry daily?  Depending on what you 'carried' as a baby, (sometimes even before you were born) this 'junk' laid the foundation for ALL that you are carrying today --  Oh my! or other words we won't use here. 
HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS -- YOU DON'T HAVE TO CARRY THAT JUNK ANYMORE!  What?  Let's find out about this . . .
Do you find yourself tossing junk away from you in your day to day living.  As above, stop, be still, ask "Am I tossing junk out of my life?"  Listen and wake up to how much you toss -- as well as who you toss junk on.
Some of you or many of you are not even aware of 'carrying' anything.  Let me ask you something, do you have any 'dis-eases' or 'medical conditions' that require you to take pills and stuff?  Are you getting counselling for some emotional/mental issues that make you 'de-pressed'?  Are you frustrated with the way certain 'things' keep on happening in your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Do you continually 'blame' them (family, people in general, situations) for where you 'are' - and are you bound up and locked away?  Or finally do you keep dreaming about things you don't really remember?  If so, then read on, and if not read on.
Well that's nice but it's a habit and it keeps coming back around slam dunkin' me!  Yep, I'm aware of this -- and here's where you get to choose -- to be free or to go on blind and bound.  What's it going to be?  Free or not???  Free, well read on!
Renewing our minds is not just a 'religious' thing!!! Nope! It is a new life requirement - just like when your computer crashes or has a bunch of viruses - it is reprogrammed - first by placing on the 'hard drive' (kinda like our minds) a clean up program which goes out looking for viruses and such and zaps them off of your computer.  Then the space restorer programs are used to place all that is in/on your computer in order - releasing space that has been 'tied up' because of fragmentation. 
Once this is all done, the data is cleaned and ordered and the system is reprogrammed with firewalls and warning messages for you, to keep the hard drive functioning properly.  Well your mind is even more than a hard drive, but it needs the same clean up process.  Only you don't buy a program per say - you read, study, (Bible) and seek God in prayer.  This process is like the clean up program - as you read, study, and seek God - the Spirit locates 'viruses' in your soul (mind/emotions), bringing them before you, and you agree to have them 'removed' as in casting all your cares upon Him.
You also get to be involved in the reprogramming process - as in
  1. bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (the anointing) in you, and
  2. bringing every emotion and all of your senses
    1. attached to every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (the anointing) in you and
  3. bringing every vision, dream, imagination, perception
    1. attached to every emotion and all of your senses,
    2. attached to every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (the anointing) in you.
This is a process that continues on as you are alive and living and not simply a machine - you are connected to your source of life 24/7 - and your energy is eternal.  The process at first is a bit challenging - as is anything you learn and grow in.  But after a while, you become 'one' with this 'truth process' and it becomes of part of who you are.  Please do not try to shorten the process - the Holy Spirit with lead you in this and bring you to, guide you to the truth.

Are you aware of the words:  You will know the truth and the truth will make you free?  and If the Son sets/makes you free you are free in deed.  Didn't Jesus say "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life. . ."  Hmmm.  First step find these scriptures and read them, meditate on them, write them down on pieces of paper and put them around so you can see them.  Look up the meaning to the words, write them down.  Pray to Abba for the Spirit (as in Holy Spirit) to lead you into all, All, ALL truth.

In fact, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding - in other words let go and Let God be in you the life, heart beat, guide and revealer.   

Trust, Delight, Commit, Rest, Cease -- hummm, good eating!

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New View

Do you know that your view on/of life can be NEW?  Are you aware of how much you view life from the 'sin/death' viewless view?  Slowly now: Are    you   aware   of  the   view   that   binds   you   and   holds    you   captive? 

What if there is another view just for you?  What if your new life comes with a new view (now there's a thought!)?  I mean, have you thought about it?  New Life, which is what becoming 'born again' is about, is new through and through. 

Oh, did you think you were a sinner, just seeing yourself for how bad you are and how good Jesus is? Really?  You really think Jesus paid the price for you to be free and new, just for you to feel bad and punish yourself, and idolize Jesus???

Think about it.  God wants you to be free, not tied up in what you are 'not' or tied up in a k(not).  Hmmmm.  Whom the Son sets/makes free IS free . . .well are you? 

Body Wise

Are you aware of your body?  I mean do you listen to it?  Or are you one of those people who get sick all the time?  Do you use words like 'my cold, my sinus infection, my arthritis, my brain tumor'?  Personalizing sickness and diseases???

Now hold on.  I am not speaking against these symtoms, I am simply asking how closely you 'identify' with illnesses and diseases.  Personally symtoms are simply indications that my body is out of balance -- due to the fact that I have not been listening to it, or following the guiding of the Holy Spirit, but taking my body for granted; earth suit and all.   Sound familiar?

Well, do you wash your clothes?  Do you take anything to the cleaners?  Do you iron clothes and hang them up?  Polish shoes and stuff?  Well you do bathe, brush your teeth, put lotion on, cleanse your face, shower, powder, deodarize yourself don't you?  Well are you taking care of your body inside?

I am speaking about the internal structure/organs and such?  Do you take care of you physically?  As in vitamins and exercise?  Hmmm.

Do you take care of your car?  As in oil changes, spark plugs, tune ups, tire changes/rotations, etc.; do you check on the air in the tires, take the car to the car wash, vaccum the dirt out of the car, take the papers and junk out, hang up air freshners, keep the windows clean, and the winshield wipers in good shape?  Hmmm -- is your car more valuable than your body??? 

Well, I am going to start a section on Body Wise -- dealing with suggestions on maintaining your physical health!  As in taking care of what you can take care of -- before a problem arises and you have to see a specialist.  It's good there are specialists, however they deal with 'problems' -- I am suggesting you deal with listening to your body and learning some basics about how to take care (with your doctors support of course).  Look for the next section coming soon.

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