Prayer-Life (c)

Prayer-Life.  The life that you now (born again), live in the flesh, you live by/on/through the faith of the Son of God. 

Prayer-Life -- speaks to communing, as in daily living/breathing with your Heavenly Father-Creator/Mother-Spirit/Brother-Savior 24/7 - every day of your new life. 

Being born again begins your spirit life, anew.  It doesn't matter how old you were/are in giving your life to Christ, and receiving God's salvation through Jesus -- you begin your new spirit life as a babe.  Now, I know some of you do not want to go here.  I mean you are an adult, and you work, (have children or not), and do all the things that 'adults' do -- yes? 

So what am I talking about? 

The spirit, new and born within you begins as a babe.  Which is why so many people go to churches and become involved and are very happy.  It isn't until months or years later that they are aware that something is missing.  They still get excited, but nothing has really changed in their lives.  They still do the same dumb things, and come and get forgiveness and stop for a while and then bam!  It's back.  I refer to these people as babes in adult clothing.     They still need to learn, grow and know.

Prayer-life is ongoing as long as we are on this earth (and maybe after!).  Getting new life is not a wham, bam, thank you thing.  It begins and continues 24/7.  You are connected, and you can choose to become aware of who you are and whose you are --- which is why the gift of the Holy Spirit is provided -- for you -- if you ask for it -- so you can be aware of who you are and whose you are!